The Finish Line

It is all over. The term has finished, show week has finished, our guest appearance as sugar plum and prince has finished. I am sitting in my own house in my own bed with no more commitments for at least two weeks. Bliss.


The performances were amazing, after a rocky dress rehearsal and many teeth-clenching technical rehearsals we did it. And it felt amazing. To go out on stage as a principle and to perform to the best of my ability, I really felt like I had achieved something, it was a lovely experience.

A few days after our last show, me and my pas de deux partner, Bradley, went to a small local dance school and performed the grand pas de deux in their version of the nutcracker. Trust me when I say they were the sweetest people ever. Both staff and children alike were so excited to have ‘real ballerinas’ in their show and in the curtain call we had two little children run up to us and present us with flowers and chocolates. One little girl even asked if she could give me a hug please in my tutu which melted my heart a little bit. After months of working towards our show at the top levels of professionalism and to be always around other people striving for the same thing as you, it was so refreshing to go and visit people who just did it for fun or those who were too young to have even thought about it yet. And yes, we did feel a bit like stars in our own private dressing room!

But now that is all finished and after a two hour train journey back home yesterday evening finished off with a night on the town that included both mojitos and fairground rides, I am ready to relax. Electric blanket on, men’s jumper on and a good book is waiting. What more could you want?


The Show Will Be Over

Show Week. The Last Performance!

Snow queen and flake

Tonight is officially the last night of the Nutcracker! We are two dress runs and two performances down and after today’s matinee and evening performances that’s it! We shall be finished! I thought that writing that would really excite me, it is my birthday soon and of course Christmas after all! And no more ridiculously late finishes or spikey headdresses or uncomfortably hot lights but no, I am dreading the curtain going down on our last scene tonight. I have absolutely loved this run so far. It really makes a difference to have a role where you know that people are watching you! It really brings it home that yes this is something that I want to do, something that I would love to make my job.

Tonight is the important performance though, my mum is coming to watch and out of everybody it is her that I want to make proud! She has given me so so much support this term and understanding and love and courage and strength and I want to show her that it has all been worth it so fingers crossed it goes well tonight!

I have got to go get ready for company class now and then show time! Wish me luck xxx

A Whole Lot of Drama

First Dress Rehearsal.

So yesterday was our first dress rehearsal of Manchester City ballet’s The Nutcracker. With a short tour of just four performances starting today which have all been sold out yesterday’s dress run needed to go smoothly. Sadly it was anything but! However we shall get to that in a bit.

The day started off on a much happier note, being third years and therefore the graduates of the school we decided to follow tradition and so yesterday, as it was the last proper day of term (today being show day number one and those not involved being able to go home) we all dressed up festively to celebrate our last Christmas together. There was everything from Christmas trees to elves to our flat who decided we would go as pigs in blankets! There is no Christmas dinner without them and seemingly no Christmas fancy dress either! We full on diy-ed our costumes with homemade ears, snouts, tails and pink leotards and then of course adorned with blankets it was a very successful costume!

The next step of the day was a ballet class dressed in our costumes which was definitely interesting! I have never done pirouettes with a blanket on before!

Sadly after this the drama started. It was time for the curtains to open on the dress run! The first mishap was definitely Clara’s quick change after the party scene into the nightmare. Poor Nicole only has sixteen counts to change from a party dress and tiara into a nightgown with a bow in her hair! Trust me with hooks and eyes on each costume and a prop to sort out this is extremely stressful and all done backstage amongst people exiting stage and in the dark! After a few tries and trials and errors on the amount of people needed to help we then managed to continue the run only stopping about four more times for changing errors! The costumes for the show are very complex and there are some very nippy changes to be done! Act two had a slightly smoother run until the music for the children’s dance came on and we looked into the wings and there were no children. Once the director had stopped the music we were promptly told that apparently they were on the toilet! Poor kids, some are only eight but that doesn’t stop a director getting angry! Luckily after this things started to go a bit better and we concluded the show with no more mishaps on our half at least (apparently there were some lighting errors but the crew has sorted them for today!) The day basically ended though with everyone in a bad mood though and a lot of bad feeling, not a happy one!

Today we have another dress run then our first performance fingers crossed it will go a little smoother!


Show Week. Day 2.

Quick update for new readers! On Thursday Manchester City Ballet opens it’s rendition of the Nutcracker ballet so yes it is officially show week. Roll out the tech and light rehearsals, full runs, dress rehearsals and photographers! I have a principle role in the ballet and so there is a lot resting on my shoulders!

So today we tested the snow. Yes you heard it right, in the middle of the famous snowflakes dance I get lifted into a shoulder sit and suddenly the stage starts to snow. Not real frozen water of course just tissue paper but it still has the same affect! The director thought it was great however the dancers not so much! Not only do we now have the added worry of slipping on some tissue paper in our pointe shoes but it gets everywhere! There was even some stuck in my ear by the end!


Sorry about the sideways photo!

I have to go now and make a Christmas fancy dress outfit for tomorrow, stay tuned 😉

Day One

Show Week. Day One.


In four days the curtain will go up on our first performance of this years full length ballet with the Manchester City Ballet. Performing The Nutcracker, we have a completely new set, new costumes, new cast, new lighting and much new choreography, so it is a bit alarming that today was our first technical rehearsal of act one! Don’t get me started on what has gone wrong this year- backdrops not arriving, costumes not being finished (we had to sew 300 buttons onto men’s jackets today!) and doorways not being functional to name just a few! But we have survived this long- we can slog it through and by this time next week we will be done and I can be pampered 😉

The rehearsal actually went well. The set looks great with moveable wings and a lit up Christmas tree that actually grows! The lighting had a few mishaps with spotlights being a bit off etc but overall the effect was good. I didn’t have to wear pointe shoes for my pas de deux so the rose coloured glasses were rather occupied I must admit! We finished at quarter to nine and now it is ten o clock and I am tucked up in bed. Tomorrow all we have is a warm up class and then a whole day of tech again! In one of my dances we shall be having snow falling from the top of the stage which is rather exciting!

Im off now, sleep is calling, but I will keep you updated on the snow tomorrow! 😉

Show Week

Snow queen ❄️

Snow queen ❄️

So this is my first blog post. I never thought I would do it. My mum blogs, I don’t want to steal her thunder! But then again our posts will be very different! Her blog is absolutely awesome I do recommend you stop reading this immediately and go check her out: lillyreid. She blogs about life, about food and about how annoying my brothers are which makes me happy!

So hi I’m Megan. I’m nearly 19 and in my graduating year at college. How does that work you say? Well I am a dancer, I left home at 16 and am in my third year of vocational training with job auditions just around the corner. I get up at seven every day to leave my flat by eight thirty, I get to school for quarter to nine where I dance until six thirty with my longest break a mere forty-five minutes for lunch. On top of this I have to film a showreel, I have to take auditions photos, I have to sew pointe shoes, I cook all my own meals, I have to stretch and do body conditioning and somewhere I have to find time to unwind and yet I am absolutely loving life. I have the best friends, I have the best family, I have the kindest funniest best friend and the most amazing, generous, selfless and supportive mother anyone could ask for.

This week is show week. Since September we have been in rehearsals for our performance of The Nutcracker with Manchester City Ballet and I am lucky enough to have a principle role. This is undeniably cool and I feel extremely privileged but still it is rather stressful and scary! The earliest we finish this week is tomorrow at eight thirty after a full tech run with the new set. After that goodness knows when we will be able to go home! Our first performance is on Thursday and it is the first time I am ever doing a full grande pas de deux on stage, I have the most amazing tutu that I love and a gorgeous headdress! I am so so nervous but my partner is incredible and I know that he will look after me on stage!

Not really sure what else to say other than I think I may head off to bed now. I will try to write about this week if I can, it is going to be an interesting one! 🙂 please follow and comment if you are reading this and say a prayer for me that I survive my week! Speak soon xxx

First time


So I nearly lost the will to life setting this up. My kids have told me for so long to blog but I just shrugged it off. Mainly because I had no fecking idea of how to do it but also because at the time of day when blogging seems a good idea typing is so blooming hard!  One word forward one back space. How do I have so many random ,ns, just popping up in the middle of sentences and seriously now does the ipad really think that a word can consist of a million letters all strung together with a little wiggly line under them.  Having said that some of them to my shame and secret ridiculous amusement are now part of my every day correspondence.  My poor darling daughter can tell exactly how many glasses i have drunk by how funny I find the spell checks and…

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