A Whole Lot of Drama

First Dress Rehearsal.

So yesterday was our first dress rehearsal of Manchester City ballet’s The Nutcracker. With a short tour of just four performances starting today which have all been sold out yesterday’s dress run needed to go smoothly. Sadly it was anything but! However we shall get to that in a bit.

The day started off on a much happier note, being third years and therefore the graduates of the school we decided to follow tradition and so yesterday, as it was the last proper day of term (today being show day number one and those not involved being able to go home) we all dressed up festively to celebrate our last Christmas together. There was everything from Christmas trees to elves to our flat who decided we would go as pigs in blankets! There is no Christmas dinner without them and seemingly no Christmas fancy dress either! We full on diy-ed our costumes with homemade ears, snouts, tails and pink leotards and then of course adorned with blankets it was a very successful costume!

The next step of the day was a ballet class dressed in our costumes which was definitely interesting! I have never done pirouettes with a blanket on before!

Sadly after this the drama started. It was time for the curtains to open on the dress run! The first mishap was definitely Clara’s quick change after the party scene into the nightmare. Poor Nicole only has sixteen counts to change from a party dress and tiara into a nightgown with a bow in her hair! Trust me with hooks and eyes on each costume and a prop to sort out this is extremely stressful and all done backstage amongst people exiting stage and in the dark! After a few tries and trials and errors on the amount of people needed to help we then managed to continue the run only stopping about four more times for changing errors! The costumes for the show are very complex and there are some very nippy changes to be done! Act two had a slightly smoother run until the music for the children’s dance came on and we looked into the wings and there were no children. Once the director had stopped the music we were promptly told that apparently they were on the toilet! Poor kids, some are only eight but that doesn’t stop a director getting angry! Luckily after this things started to go a bit better and we concluded the show with no more mishaps on our half at least (apparently there were some lighting errors but the crew has sorted them for today!) The day basically ended though with everyone in a bad mood though and a lot of bad feeling, not a happy one!

Today we have another dress run then our first performance fingers crossed it will go a little smoother!


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