The Show Will Be Over

Show Week. The Last Performance!

Snow queen and flake

Tonight is officially the last night of the Nutcracker! We are two dress runs and two performances down and after today’s matinee and evening performances that’s it! We shall be finished! I thought that writing that would really excite me, it is my birthday soon and of course Christmas after all! And no more ridiculously late finishes or spikey headdresses or uncomfortably hot lights but no, I am dreading the curtain going down on our last scene tonight. I have absolutely loved this run so far. It really makes a difference to have a role where you know that people are watching you! It really brings it home that yes this is something that I want to do, something that I would love to make my job.

Tonight is the important performance though, my mum is coming to watch and out of everybody it is her that I want to make proud! She has given me so so much support this term and understanding and love and courage and strength and I want to show her that it has all been worth it so fingers crossed it goes well tonight!

I have got to go get ready for company class now and then show time! Wish me luck xxx


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