Show Week. Day 2.

Quick update for new readers! On Thursday Manchester City Ballet opens it’s rendition of the Nutcracker ballet so yes it is officially show week. Roll out the tech and light rehearsals, full runs, dress rehearsals and photographers! I have a principle role in the ballet and so there is a lot resting on my shoulders!

So today we tested the snow. Yes you heard it right, in the middle of the famous snowflakes dance I get lifted into a shoulder sit and suddenly the stage starts to snow. Not real frozen water of course just tissue paper but it still has the same affect! The director thought it was great however the dancers not so much! Not only do we now have the added worry of slipping on some tissue paper in our pointe shoes but it gets everywhere! There was even some stuck in my ear by the end!


Sorry about the sideways photo!

I have to go now and make a Christmas fancy dress outfit for tomorrow, stay tuned 😉